Friday, March 18, 2011

Project: Simplify Week #2 (Connor's Room)

This past week was week #2 of Project: Simplify.  The Hot Spot was paper clutter.  Well, I was in the mood to get right on with my organization, declutter and cleaning up in my house.  So, I decided to classify Connor's bookshelf as "paper clutter".....which got me started in on Connor's whole room.  I have to say that Connor was such a big help and was so willing to declutter and get rid of A LOT of stuff in his room!  I am so proud of him....and he is so proud of his room now too!  Now, don't go having a heart attack at the "before" pictures.....when Connor would play with his toys he would get it ALL out and there it would stay.  Now he wants to pick up everything when he's done playing with it and put it right away.  :) 

We were just getting started.....look at how many books he got rid of! 

Here is just some of the things he wanted to get rid of.  I loved Mr. mickey mouse!

Don't the "After" pictures make you smile?  Oh, and Evan likes that some of his older Star Wars posters are getting some face time....he can go into Connor's room and look at them anytime....better there than the living room!

Next week I'll find out what Hot Spot #3 will be.....meanwhile, we are working on Ethan's room.  We are halfway through.  Hopefully we can get the rest finished tomorrow.  


mom said...

Connor's Room looks great. Getting ready for that big yardsale!! Get rid of all that "stuff!"

Anonymous said...

Tell Connor I am so proud of him for helping you clean and organize his room. It looks really good!!!!! Tell him I can't wait to see it next week-end. Love Nana

Evan said...

I still think that my Star Wars posters would look nice in the living room. :)

Anonymous said...

nope, the star wars posters def look better in Connor's room!!!! lol - his room looks awesome!! amanda