Friday, March 11, 2011

Project: Simplify

I have been cleaning out my closet and dresser this week.  I took on the challenge over at the Simple Mom blog.  This was the end of week #1, and this week's HOT SPOT was your closets and wardrobe.  I have been hoarding some of my clothes since high school!!  So I had a lot to get rid of.....11 garbage bags full to be exact!  Part of the challenge was to take pictures (no cheating with "cleaning up" before the BEFORE picture) I didn't.  It's embarrassing, but I am so glad that I tackled that project.  I guess the only downside is that my arms won't get a workout anymore when I have to shove all of my clothes back into their tight fitting spots!  As you can see....I even used my door jam as part of my "closet" to hang some of our clothes.  Keep in mind that Evan and I both share this closet and I don't put away any jackets or winter's ALL in there at one time......I don't think that is any excuse, though, to how bad it had gotten!  So here are my "before" pictures that I took without cheating! :)

Project: Simplify
Week #1
Bedroom Closet

My many bags of things to get rid of:

I am so pleased with the progress I made this week on my bedroom....I didn't just stop at my closet either...I cleaned the dresser drawers out, the night stand (Evan gets that for his stuff....finally!), a pile of clothes stacked in the corner that wouldn't fit in my drawers and just cleaned the rest of the room.  So here are my after pictures!  I am glad that I have these to share....maybe they can redeem me from the hideous before pics.  I did have to buy a couple of containers for a few things to help me get worth it, though. 

Bedroom Closet

I now have an organized, clean, stress free closet and bedroom!  I am looking forward to seeing what next week's HOT SPOT will be.  This challenge is 5 hot spots in 5 weeks.....I hope I can keep up with it until the end.  I sure hope the kids rooms are on the list because Connor has been begging me to come in and clean out his dresser/closet too....he was my little helper this week!


Barbara Lanham said...

The closet looks great! I need to do mine, sometime!!

Jill said...

Awesome! I'm jealous at the size of your closet we just have small standard ones ( no walk in) and I share mine with my daughter!! Very nice job:)