Monday, April 4, 2011

Savannah Weekend With A Tad Of Tybee Island

I just love Savannah, GA....and Tybee Island!  My mom took me on a short little mini-vacation this past weekend to just that place for my birthday this year.  I will be 30...I mean, umm...29 (lol)!  We met up with some great friends and had a super time.  The historic district...down around River Street is amazing.  I could walk around there all and taking pics.  My kind of day!

In this picture my mom and I were getting ready to head out on Friday morning and I asked Evan to snap a quick pic for us.  We dropped Ethan off and school and hopped on I-385 heading down to I-26.  We had a little unexpected detour to downtown Columbia, but thanks to British Daniel (my GPS)...we were back on the interstate! :)

A friend of mine told me about this little cafe called Goose Feathers in Savannah.  So I plugged the address into my GPS and we found it worked out so perfect for lunch on Friday afternoon.

Doesn't our food look yummy!  I wanted one of those coffee cups!

Our next stop was Tybee Island.  It was incredibly windy that day....I even found sand in my ears after we!  But it is just so gorgeous down on the beach.....I LOVE it!

Here is like the one and only shot that my mom took during a quick break in the wind where my hair wasn't whipping all over the

Here is the little Tybee Island Science Center.  We didn't pay to go in, but we did check out the gift shop.  They had some great stuff.

After everyone got together at the hotel later that evening we went out to have Mexican food.  We had heard from a few different people at the hotel that it was the best around.  After eating there....none of us thought it was that great...I guess because it took like 2 hours to get our food. 

My lovely mom and I on Market St. in Savannah.

These were so fun!  If they weren't so expensive I might have bought says I could pass for one of his comic book characters! :)

Always camera ready!!

Here we all are in front of City Hall.

This was an amazing spot to take pics.  These stairs are hundreds of years old....I imagine pirates probably walked on them at one time!  They were tall and not very deep...a great backdrop for pics.

We finished out the evening eating at The Pirates' House.  It is the most historic spot in Georgia!  It was a very interesting place to eat and we heard tails of ghosts and even saw some in the glass

This was called Fried Green Tomato BLT.  I didn't know that it was going to come in salad form, but it was pretty good.  The fried green tomatoes were delish!

On Sunday morning before we headed back home to SC, we went out to Uncle Bubba's Oyster House for lunch.  We asked to set out on the deck in the sun.  It was so nice....the cheese grits were the BEST I have ever had! Yum!  I don't have any pics of the food we ordered because we lost some of the pics when we were transferring them over to the computer.... :(

I think it's safe to say that Mom, Me, Mrs. Seamon, Cindy, Dawn, Donna, and Maxton had an awesome weekend.  I'd do it again this weekend if I could! ~

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Mom said...

I had so much fun being with my daughter Lisa celebrating her 30th birthday! I am so blessed to have you as my daughter! You are truly a blessing and encouragement to me! I love you dearly! PS: And you're a wonderful "mommy!" Thank you for being you!