Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Simplify: Ethan's Room Closet Organization

This week's project was to finish my upstairs cleaning, de-cluttering, and organization.  I had one little space left that I was dreading....Ethan's room closet.  It had become a catch all for just about anything you can think of: clothes (of course), blankets, suitcases, shoes, toys, posters, pictures, a fan....you name it, and it was in there!!  So I started tackling that project early yesterday morning.  It took a LONG time...it was one of those projects that once you start you kind of have to finish the whole thing in one day.  Here are some pics to prove the mess I had and the mess I made of Ethan's room before it was all finished...But I love the end result.  Gives you room to breathe, don't you think?

Look at this mess!!  I can't believe how much stuff came out of that one little closet.  It was packed wall to wall with stuff, though!

Such a good feeling when it's all complete!

And just look at all the stuff that won't be taking up space in our life any more!

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