Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time to Scrapbook with Stitching

I finally decided that I was going to finish this set of scrapbook pages this afternoon.  I worked on the background paper of the first page a few weeks ago and decided to try stitching on it.  I liked the way it turned out!  This will be something I will be doing again and again on some of my scrapbook pages.  I thought I would write out a little tutorial with pics if any of you girls out there that scrapbook would like to see how it's done and maybe give it a try too.

First I gathered all of the material I would need for the project into one place so that I wouldn't have to be digging through all of my stuff searching for each thing as I went along.

You will need:
8m thread (the kind you would make friendship bracelets with)
large multi-purpose needle
a soft surface such as a mouse pad (I used the back of mine)
Cutter Bee Bugs paper piercer
ruler (if you want to make a strait line)

Put your paper on the soft surface and use your ruler to line up where you want your stitched line to be...then press down firmly with the paper piercer as you run it along side the ruler making your line of punched holes.  I already have my lines finished in this pic.

Thread your needle and leave enough length to complete your sewing lines.

Make your first stitch!

I skipped every other hole so that my stitches would be longer, but you wouldn't have to. :)

Here is what the back of my paper looks like when I am all finished.

Tie off the end of your thread when you are finished and cut it.

Here is what mine looks like finished.  I was proud of myself!  It was fun too!

After I made my page layout...I decided that it needed a little something so I added a few buttons for a nice finish.

My pages are complete!  They are different and fun...I think next time I am going to try stitching across the top and sides of a picture after I mount it to the paper.  I bought brown and a nice dark aqua thread too!

Here is a close up of the stitching on my first page.


Mom said...

Love the new look of stitching. Thanks for the details on how to do this.

Charcoal and crayons said...

This is great! I'd really like to try this so I'll have to be on the look out for a paper piercer... thanks for the inspiration!
- Andrea