Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kids Crafts: Guinea Pig Plushies

We had so much fun making these cute little guinea pigs!  I saw this pattern ((HERE)) on the web and had printed it out and was keeping it in my binder.  We decided to try making the little plushies today.  The boys really did a good job designing their little guys.  I did the hot gluing, cutting and stitching, of course, but they did the rest.  I think they turned out pretty darn cute myself! 

marker (for tracing pattern)
needle and thread (I used the Chenille needle and the 8m size thread)
fabric marker or puff paint
hot glue gun
cotton balls or other stuffing

First, get your pattern and cut it out.  If I can find where I found it on the web...I'll come back and post a link to it ((here)).  Then trace the pattern on the felt color of choice. 

Connor had his little squirrel on the table helping him. :)

After you have your patterns cut out - 2 of each - cut shapes of whatever size you like to put on their body.

Next comes the fun part...painting!  This is Ethan's cute piggy. 

Connor got a little happy with the paint.  I had to help him a little, and then he wanted to add googly eyes to his.  The kids got talent...we'll give him that! :)

We were about halfway finished here.

Time to stitch them up!  Don't forget to leave a hole to stuff them.  We used Cotton balls, but you can use whatever kind of filling you would like.

Fill them up with cotton balls...taking care to push them down into all the sides to fill him up really good.

I loved how they turned out and the boys were proud of their little pets!

Mine is the little gray one.  Connor's is the one on top with all the black spots, and Ethan's is the cute little orange-ish one.

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~Mom~ said...

Those are adorable! Can't wait to hear Connor tell me all about how he made his - he's so graphic! I know both boys enjoyed this craft. So glad you've made a "plan" for the summer. Can't wait to see what's next!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking these up on our Summer Link Party! I LOVE these and had to feature them today :) We have a guinea pig named Slippy, so of course we'll have to make some too!