Monday, May 16, 2011

~Remembering Riley~

~Remembering our little boy ~ Riley Oran Cantrell~

~his soft head of fuzzy blonde hair
~his tiny and perfect hands and feet
~his big open eyes at birth
~his pink, soft eyelids
~the little fold of his ear like Ethan's
~his little chunky cheeks
~his sweet little pink lips
~the way he felt when I was able to hold him
~the tiny sound we heard him make when we were saying our goodbyes
~our LOVE for him

I wanted to write out a big blog post about everything surrounding his birth and death, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  I decided that pictures would be able to tell his story in it's place.  Riley was born on a Sat., May 15, 2004....weighing 6lbs. 7.8oz and was 19 1/4 inches long.  He was born with Congenital CMV infection.  He was very sick when he was born..... But wasn't he such a beautiful baby?  He left this world to be with Jesus on May 18, just 3 1/2 days old.

Daddy got to cut the cord!

 Look at all of the purple gloves...

Uncle Mat and Aunt Krista went out and bought him some little booties....

This picture shows all of the machines that he was hooked up to...his life support.

 Our Pastor at the time, Dr. Clark, came to the NICU and dedicated our son to Jesus just hours before he went to Heaven to be with HIM.  God plucked a rose out of our Garden of Life.  Riley must have been too special to stay here on Earth.

A nurse had these all ready for us....his little hand and feet prints.  They were inpressions in a soft clay.  I LOVE them...if I run my finger around the inside...I can imagine I feel his foot or hand.

The little booties from his Aunt and Unlce...

Riley's 7th Birthday
May 15, 2011

Brother's Ethan and Connor...


Anonymous said...

Lisa, even though his little life was so short I will never forget sweet baby Riley! And, even though it was a little questionable for me to go back in to see him at that time, because I was expecting, I am so glad I went anyway. It was so worth the very short visits with him and to feel his soft baby skin for just a moment! No, I will never forget you precious baby boy! Can't help but tear up remembering back, but I know when we see him in heaven our smiles will outweigh all those tears! Love you!

Happy 7th Birthday Riley! LOVE, Aunt Krista

Anonymous said...

Reading this brought tears to my eyes! How sad that your sweet little boy was only with you for such a short time, but we know God had better plans for him. Thinking of you and thanks for sharing something so personal!!
love ya

Randa mann said...

Thank you for sharing this precious life with us. Our son, Evan Clark Mann, will be 7 in heaven on May 26th of this year...we sure loved him even if for a short time. May God continue to bless you as you remember your son and we'll soon meet up with our babies again:)

Mom said...

Lisa....I'm at work and finally was able to log into your blog. I wish I would have waited though...until I was back home. This is so precious - You are so strong to put this up. My tears are flowing. I love & miss my little grandson whom God only allowed into our lives for a short time. I will always remember that phone call from you in the late evening....I was lying in bed fully dressed because we knew that time was near. I jumped into my car and headed to the hospital to meet you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of seeing Riley come into this world. I will always remember how perfect he looked as I snapped those first photos of him. Such a beautiful boy! He's a beautiful angel now! God's Rose! I love you Lisa.

Becky said...

So sweet, Lisa! That's all I can say ... hard to see through the tears. We'll see our babies again, SOON! So thankful we have HOPE!

Ellen said...

Such a sweet sorry for your loss, I think he was a beautiful baby, but I guess you already knew that. I am an NICU nurse, so I have an idea of what you and your sweet baby went through.

Debbie Glenning Rinehart said...

Our sweet baby spent their 14th birthday with Jesus this year. What a birthday party, spending the day with Jesus! Although I take great comfort in knowing our little one is with Him, there are still days that the pain rushes in and takes my breath away. Praying for you today as you remember Riley and celebrate him.

Debbie Rinehart

Grandma Lanham said...

Precious memories of God's wonderful grace and strength. With each year it seems that there are others in Heaven whom we know have joined our sweet grandson. This past years, Riley's great grandpa Lanham arrived "home!" I can picture Pap with his big arms and hands wrapped around his great grandson with gentle love. We will see them again! Precious thoughts! <3