Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Themes ~ Week #1 ~ Rodents

Yay for Summer!!  This Summer we decided to have FUN each week with different themes.  Our theme for this week is ~ RODENTS!  Both my boys were super excited to learn about mice, porcupines, squirrels, beavers, and chipmunks just to name a few.  We took a trip to the library today and checked out some great books that the kids really enjoyed.  We also are planning some crafts for the week and some food to go along with our themes.  We made some cute little guinea pig plushies this afternoon.  They were fairly easy to make, but I had to do a lot of stitching! :) 

We enjoyed this quick read - About Rodents by Cathryn Sill.

The book "Library Mouse A Friend's Tale" by Daniel Kirk really got Connor's imagination running.  He decided to make his own little book after we read it.  He did a good job too! :)

Let's not forget "Watch Out!" by Jan Fearnley.  A cute little book!

I felt like I just did a little piece from Reading Rainbow.... lol!  Anyway, here is Connor and his Cute little guinea pig, Lenny.

I guess Ethan is too old to name his little guinea pig, but he did a good job on his little piggy!

Three little guinea piggies.

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