Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Wreath

This is a super cute little wreath that is a fun project for kids.  I cut out little strips of construction paper in red, white and blue while my kids colored the eagle for the wreath.  This project did take a little bit of time from start to finish, but we had plenty of it this morning. :)  I found this project at the DLTK-kids website.  There is a printable and detailed instructions for you!  We did change a little bit of stuff, though.  We used square paper plates (that's all I had!) instead of cutting out circles on cardboard cereal boxes (which might have been easier to work with).  They turned out cute anyways! :)  I love the bald eagle that hangs from the bottom of the really makes it unique the way the kids chose to color them differently!

The boys wanted to hang their wreaths on their bedroom doors for the 4th of July this weekend.  Great idea!

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~Mom~ said...

I love those....looks great hanging on their doors! Hope Dawn sees this because those are the signs she gave them! Looks like fun!!!

Jordan McCollum said...

I always like what I find on DLTK-Kids! How fun!

Judy said...

Your boys look so proud of their wreaths, and they have every reason to be! I love the eagles. :)