Monday, June 6, 2011

Melted Crayon Painting

This week's Summer theme at our house is: COLORS!  Our first project of the week is painting with crayons.  I saw this great post on the Come Together Kids blog about crayon painting and I wanted to try it out with my kids also.  You use a griddle...set on the lowest setting, crayons, aluminum foil to cover the griddle and some nice thick card stock.

I taped the paper that we used down to the aluminum foil covered griddle so that it wouldn't go anywhere and the kids would be less likely to want to put their hands on the super warm griddle to steady the paper.  It does get pretty definitely keep your kids supervised if you do this project.  I even put a folded up hand towel on all three sides of the griddle.  Connor was even able to do it by himself without even touching the really warm surface!

Peel down your crayons a good little ways and try not to use the little crayon stubs you may have.  Go for the longer full length crayons.

Doesn't Connor's spider look pretty neat? :)

We drew our pictures on the paper with a black permanent marker before taping them to the griddle.


Laura said...

Lisa, that turned out great! I'm glad your kids had as much fun with it as mine did.

Laura @ Come Together Kids

becky said...

that is fun! if only i had a griddle!

ps - i'm having a really hard time commenting on your blog. it won't let me sign in w/my google account. not having the problem anywhere else, though.

~Mom~ said...

Wow...that does look neat and lots of fun! Glad they enjoyed.