Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mice On Main ~ Scavenger Hunt

We took the kids on a scavenger hunt in Downtown Greenville this afternoon.  It's called Mice On Main.  There are a sheet of hints that help you find them...I printed it out and took it with us.  We found all 9 and it kept the kids occupied the whole time.  We all had a good time trying to find the tiny mice.  It's a fun little activity for the whole family!



~Mom~ said...

That looks like great fun! So glad they boys enjoyed it. Like the pics!

Dorothy Cantrell said...

I am so glad that everyone had a Great time!!!! This looks like it was alot of Fun!!!!
Love you guys. Mom Cantrell

becky said...

That is cool! I love stuff like that! You should check out letterboxing. I think y'all would love it!