Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snapshot Sunday and Ramblings

Every Sunday night I feel the same it really almost Monday? Again? Already?  Monday's are just not something I look forward to very often.  Very, very bad things happen on Mondays...the weekend is over, work is here (or rather, work is here for my husband), and you have to start back into your weekly routine.  Now, Tuesday...I can handle Tuesday...because I've been back into the week's routine for a day bring on Tuesday!  So I guess we really need Monday to get to Tuesday, right?  It might not be so bad after all!  :)

This Sunday was a special day for my youngest son, Connor.  He was baptised at church tonight and Papa and Grandma came to watch him.  They took us all out to Dairy Queen afterwards for some ice cream and slushies and french fries!  So here are my Snapshots from the day.

~Grandma and Connor~

~Daddy and Connor~

~Ethan, Papa (who I don't think was quite ready for the, and Connor~

~Mommy and Connor~

~And last, but definitely not least...Pastor Green and Connor~

I'm so proud of my little man!


Nicole@MissMommy said...

Congratulations Connor! What a great achievement :)
Looking beautiful,as always Lisa :) xo

~Mom~ (grandma) said...

Papa & I would not have missed Connor's baptism for the world. It's so comforting knowing that your children and grandchildren have accepted the Lord Jesus' work on the cross for payment of our sins. A simple prayer of faith from a child asking Jesus into their heart and for forgiveness of sin (Connor says for the bad things he does) is all it takes. 3 out of 5 grandchildren now have been saved and baptised. Emma and Levi will be next, I'm sure of it. I thank God for my children and their walk with the Lord. Thank you for posting this Lisa!