Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten on Tuesday #1

Here are 10 toys from the 80's that I had!

1. An original Cabbage Patch Doll ~ I searched the web and couldn't find one exactly like the one I had as a child, but this one is pretty close.  Mine had blond hair with a side ponytail, and the original clothing was a purple dress.

2. Speak and Spell ~ I remember getting one of these for Christmas one year and my brother got a Speak and Math.

3. Pogo Stick ~ I used to be able to jump for hundreds of jumps in a row without falling off!  I was pretty proud of myself! 

4. Pink Poodle ~ Mine didn't have the black bows...it had cute pink bows and it walked, barked, sat back on it's hind legs, and wagged it's tail!

5. Glo Worm ~ It's whole head lit up when you squeezed it!

6. My Little Pony ~ and I loved mine with it's little brush!

7. Pogo Ball ~ This was another toy that I could jump on and on without falling off.  I remember jumping on this one a lot!

8. Pound Puppies ~ They were so cute....I only owned one, but I loved it!

9. Roller Racer ~ OK, so I didn't own one, but my best friend, Melody, had one and I loved to ride it when I would go to her house.

10. Simon Says ~ I got one of those for my birthday one year maybe when I was 6 or 7...it was a little smaller and white, but I could remember those colors!

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Delaney said...

Gotta love Simon!

Nicole@MissMommy said...

We must be in the same age group!
I had all these toys when I was young too :)
Following you now.
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Kim said...

I loved my speak and spell! And I completely forgot about Pound Puppies. Too funny, thanks for linking up!