Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday #3

~Here are this week's Ten On Tuesday~
They are totally random things around my house! :)  In no particular order...

#1.  My new reusable cup!  I have drank out of it non stop since I bought it...I might just have to get one for the kids.  Connor keeps asking to dink out of mine!

#2. Little Mr. Egg Beater.  Isn't he just a cutie? :)

#3.  A Masked Man...or boy.  Can you guess which child of mine this is?

#4.  A fruit decoration that I have in my kitchen...again...totally random! :)

#5.  Willow Tree figurines.  I started my collection in 2004 after the loss of our baby, Riley, and now it has grown into many, many!  I haven't counted them in a while, but I probably have around 35 of them.  I keep most of them in our little glass cabinet. *love*

#6. Harajuku perfume.  I got these a couple of Christmas' ago...They are cute and smell good too!

#7. Necklaces.  I keep my necklaces hung up on the frame of my dresser mirror.  They hang from wrought iron leaves that are above the mirror..  I would like make one of those homemade jewelry displays in the frame.  Those are awesome!

#8. Captain Marvel.  You may think that this is in one of my boys rooms...but.no...this quite manly figure resides on the shelf next to my husband's side of the bed! :)

#9. Braves pendant.  My husband took Ethan to see an Atlanta Braves game at the beginning of this season, and this was E's souvenir...he's very proud of it!

#10.  A Calender.  This is hanging in Ethan's room, and it's been on this owl (July) month for 2 months now.  Ethan said that he didn't like the picture for the month of June....which was a very cute baby orangutan!  But he likes this fuzzy baby owl...lol~

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Kim said...

I have been really wanting one of those cups too! Maybe a straw would magically make me drink more water, ha! Thanks for linking up!

Ellen said...

I love your egg beater...I have a pig one of those! I also collect Willow Tree figures. I hope your run in with the Masked Man-Boy wasn't too rough!