Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday (2)

Don't you just love Summer?  I love wearing flip flops during the Summer months..and sometimes even when it's not so warm outside! :)  Well, I am going to have to be A LOT more careful while wearing my flip flops from now on!  Somehow I managed to mangle and rip off one and almost off another toenail on the same foot on two different days last week!! not fun!  None the less...I was still wearing a pair of cute flip flops on Sunday with this outfit!  Gotta let my little babies heal! 

So this is my Sunday outfit.  I was going to try and take pics every day like some of ya'll ladies do for your blogs, but couldn't manage it this week.  And plus, you might not have wanted to see what I was wearing for most of the pajamas!  And since I don't have pics from every day this past week....You will have to settle for a bunch of pics from just one day! :)

Top: Ross
Skirt: Ross
Shoes: Shoe Carnival
Earrings: Target
Bracelets: Charm link (from all over) and the other from a little shop in Savannah, GA
necklace: B-day gift a couple years ago

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Barbara said...

I LOVE that purples skirt and it looks amazing on you!

Chanse and Janell said...

Cute skirt!!
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog!

freesocial said...

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Angela said...

I love the skirt. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you come back to follow.

SoyladyCountryGirl said...

I'v been following you My picture isn't coming up...not sure why.
By the way love the outfits...very cute!