Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fabric Flower Necklace (Tutorial)

I think this post takes the cake for the most pictures I've posted at one time on my blog!  But that's what tutorials are for, right?  This one is for Nicole @ Miss Mommy since she asked me if I had done one yet.  Here you go, girl! :)

hot glue gun

And don't forget to bring your CRAFTINESS with you to the table!!!

1. First, make 8 smaller circles of one type of fabric, and 4 larger circles of a different patterned fabric.  Make 3 circles of fabric smaller than the ones you made for both the others. Two for the 2 smaller circle flowers you will be making and one for the larger flower....these will be the center of the flowers.

2. Next, get your felt out and make 2 circles to match your smaller sized circles and make 1 circle to match your size of the larger circles.  You will have 18 total circles in all...different sizes, of course~!

3. Fold a circle in half, like a half-moon shape.

4. Then fold your half circle in half again to make a triangle.

5. Hot glue the triangle to one side of the felt circle.

6. Then hot glue a dot closer to the point inside of the triangle.  Not sure if you can see the glue in this picture, but it's there~! :)  Repeat until four circles have been used on one flower...gluing each one down as you go. 

7. Grab one of the smaller circles and put a good bit of hot glue around the center of the backside of the fabric.

8. Then stick it in the center of your flower and pinch and shape it while the glue is still hot and pliable...until you get the look you like.

9. Line up your flowers, like so, on the piece of the shape of a necklace.

10. Glue the bigger flower down in the middle first. Then put hot glue on the back of your smaller circle...lay your chain down the middle of it and put more hot glue on top of the chain.  Then turn it around and place it beside your larger flower...right up next to it.  Do the same with the other smaller flower and chain.

11. Here is what it looks like after you have glued the flowers down.

12. Next, cut around the felt on the back of your flower necklace...taking care NOT to cut completely between the flowers, but trim off enough where you don't see the felt from the front side.

13. Here's a view of the back after it's been completely finished.

14. Put a little hot glue underneath the flowers where the sides meet as a nice reinforcement...that way they won't be floppy! :)

It's finished!!  Only takes about 45 min. to 1 hour.  Not bad for such a super cute HANDMADE necklace!

P.S. the one on the bottom is for a friend of mine who is moving to know who you are!  I love you, girl!!

Wearing my pretty!

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Nicole@MissMommy said...

Awesome!. Thanks for linking me in this post, Lisa!. YOU are awesome, and I seriously looked for this post through my reader ;)

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh! I love it:) I cannot wait to wear it. Girl you are so stinking crafty and I can't wait to see what else you will be making! love ya too! Amanda

Alyx said...

I am SO stinkin' excited to try this!!! So darn cute and fun! Thank you thank you thank you for leaving me this link!!! :)