Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kid's Craft: Submarine Portholes

It's time for the kiddo's to get their craft on!!

The boys made these cute little submarine windows this morning.  Ethan did his all by himself with not many embellishments, but it's cute!  Connor wanted me to help him with his.  He has more elaborate ideas...they are both different, and unique! 

What you need:
paper plates - round or square
plastic wrap or blue colored cellophane
any type of cut outs of fish, seaweed, etc.
hole punch (which we didn't end up using), but you could punch holes all around the circle in your window for a traditional submarine porthole look.
You could even use real sea shells or sand sprinkled on.  We didn't get that crafty this morning, but it would sure work~!

Take a bowl and trace around it for the window that you will cut out.  If your plate is not blue...you could color it blue, use blue paper, or just cover your window with blue cellophane to get the blue ocean water look. Then cut, snip and glue away!!  You could get all snazzy and make your images and cut outs 3-D!  We didn't, but you could! ;)

Tape your cellophane or plastic wrap in place and after your plate is all finished fit them together and staple the four corners, and now you have your finished window!  We taped them to the boy's wall in their rooms.  Connor was definitely impressed with his.  Ethan just went along with the fun...lol! :)

Most of all ~ the kids had FUN!
I love it! :)

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~mom~ said...

awesome! Those are so cute!

About Mrs. G said...

Great idea. I'm definitely going to make these with my niece and nephew & daughter.
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