Monday, August 15, 2011

New Window Frame Project

I bought these old window frames at a friend's yard sale this past Saturday.  I have been seeing lots of great projects out there using old window frames.  So as I bought them I had visions of what I was going to use them for.  I will get to them one day soon.  Here is what they look like now.  Be on the lookout for my future post on what I did with my a DIY project! :) 

Here are some pinterest projects that I have seen using these old windows.  There are so many great ideas...I love them all. 

Here is what I plan to do with the big window.  The glass will have to be removed...then instead of the branches...I'm going to get mesh or some type of small wire and use it as a jewelry holder in my bedroom.  Right now all of my necklaces are hanging above my mirror on the iron leaves that are part of the dresser design.  This will be much better and a pretty way to display them!

With the multiple paneled window frame....I have a lot of ideas.  I haven't decided on just one yet.  A friend of mine had a great idea to put cork into one or more of the panels and then stick some pins in also hang and display jewelry.  I could put some beautiful scrapbook paper behind one of the glass panels and use it with dry-erase markers as a wipe off board.....lot of great ideas!

This last picture isn't something that I could do....I don't have a place to hang my frame at my house in this amazing way to display it, but I love it.  It's sort of saying that you don't need a window to look through when you are already outside.....very neat!


Anonymous said...

Love this post! Can't wait to see what you do! Amanda

Mom said...

Those are great ideas!! Can't wait to see the finished projects.

Katie Nicoll said...

Hi, Lisa! Just want to know what happened to your window frame project. I browsed through your other posts, and for some reason, I couldn’t find your post about this DIY project. Hope you’d share the link if you ever did push through with it. I’m checking out other inspirations for my window re-purposing project, too. Wish me luck!