Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Pizza and Pictures...

We decided to go for some homemade pizza this afternoon for lunch.  On our pizza...pretty much anything goes!  And it's so doesn't stick around for long!

Here's what we put on today's pizza:
pizza sauce
jalapeno peppers
mozzarella cheese
feta cheese

Mmmm.....yummy combo!~

It cooks up so good.  I just used a Pillsbury refrigerator dough, but it would be good with homemade dough too!

I just love all the layers, yet it's thin enough...just the way I like it!

Connor is hammin' it up yet again for the camera!  He's stylin' in the new clothes that Grandma bought for him yesterday.  He's my little male model! lol  He knows what he likes and what he doesn't when it comes to clothes!

Silly boy!

A few self portraits....headband or no?

I think it's sort of cute!

I didn't make the flower, but I bought some cute fabric yesterday so that I can make a few of my own!  Flowers are my new thing! :)

~Happy Saturday~


~mom~ said...

I think the flower band is sorta cute too! Love the pizza pics..I want some!!!!

Nicole@MissMommy said...

I love the headband!. Did you make it?. Where did you get it?.
We must be sisters in another life - we love the same food!!!!.

Penny from Coffee Cup Mom said...

Pizza of any kind is yummy but when you add avacado...umm heaven!

BTW- definate yes on the headband.

I' your newest follower.

Maria said...

Hi :) thank you so much for visiting and your sweet comment! Loved your pictures! How cute is that second pic of your son!! And the headband-LOVE it!!! And love love love wearing them like that! Looks great on you-so pretty! And the headband is adorable!! I am a little obsessed w/hair accessories!
Looking forward to following :)