Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday #10

I enjoy doing these Ten On Tuesday posts.  It gets me thinking!  I decided to post 10 pictures of things that I Loved during my teen years! 

My favorite thing that I could be seen in probably a few times a week was my overalls.  And, Yes, They were BIG and BAGGY!

I owned more than one of these bad boys!  I rocked a cowboy hat in many a photo shoot with my mom! lol~

Jean Jackets!!!
I also have to confess that I owned a few of these too.  One was huge and bulky, but I loved it!

The Scrunchie!! 
Who didn't own a scrunchy back then?  I would keep one attached to my wrist ~ just in case! lol

Extra Long Flowy Skirts!
I went to a christian school and we had to wear either a dress or a skirt every day.  I hated dresses back in the day, so I opted for skirts.  This is pretty much my typical style skirt.  I don't think you would catch me wearing anything in this style today. 

Oh, how I loved my CABOODLE!!
I didn't wear much make-up (still don't), but I just loved this little guy!~ :)

Point Of Grace...
I got this CD one year for Christmas, and listened to it over and over again.  Now, if I ever hear one of the songs from it, I always think of Christmas!

The Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn
I have always been a big reader, and this whole series adorned my bookshelf as a teen!  I love them~!

My teen crush was none other than Jean Claude Van Damme!  Don't get jealous, Evan! ;)

Porcelain Dolls
This is kind of a weird one to throw in this list, but I had a nice sized collection of porcelain dolls.  I no longer have any!  I guess I easily out grew that phase.  I can't even remember getting rid of them, but I did at some time or another~!
So that's a little bit more about me....
What did you ADORE in your teen years???

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Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Haha... my hubby's name is Jean Claude! ;)
Those overalls look soooo comfy! I would totally wear those now!
Loved this post... a real blast to the past! :)

Meig Heyburn said...

Oh my goodness! I loved Point of Grace and I had that very same album!! Great post! Today I posted about football players. :) I love this Ten Tuesday thing. It really does get you thinking!

Nicole @ Miss Mommy said...

LOL - I used to wear overalls too. I also wore them with my Doc Martins!. Omg - now I feel old. Oh and I loved my Caboodle too.

Pidg said...

Haha! Van Damme that's awesome! Umm...I remember having bangs the size of Nebraska!

Lorie said...

LOVE this Top 10 List! I would have never survived with my Caboodle! My daughters now have them! And big and baggy was the only way to dress IMHO!
Great list!

Kim said...

It is probably COMPLETELY wrong that I still have scrunchies, right?! And yet, I do, ha. Nothing beats them for fast messy ponytails around the house. Thanks for linking up!