Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday (9)

This week's outfits are lacking and I really don't like the first one.  It's a  Never the less I wore it!  I also am contemplating on letting my hair grow a bit.  Not long, just a bit longer than it is.  So right now I'm at the point where I really need a cut, but I'm waiting...we'll see if I can stand the in-between stage. 

skirt - Target
top - JCPenny's
shoes - Payless
ring - Candies (Kohl's)
earrings - shop on Tybee Island

This one wasn't quite a failure...I just don't like the pics.  It was raining so I had to get them inside and it just makes for dull pics! lol~
crop jeans - Dot's
top - Ross
under tank - Charlotte Russe
earrings - Kohl's
ring - The Flop Shop
shoes - Cato's

Here's my Connor....I don't care if his smile is cheesy...I love it! ~ :)

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Amanda @ the lady of the house said...

I'm loving these "What I Wore Wednesday" postings! Just found your blog... enjoying it!

-Kelsey Coghill said...

ooo I love those strappy shoes!!

Mrs. T said...

Super cute! I especially love the shirt in the first picture!