Sunday, November 6, 2011

~Birthday Time~

Happy 6th Birthday, Connor!!

My youngest is 6 years old already! I mean, where does the time go?  He's a Kindergartner this year too....getting way too big...too fast!  I can hardly keep up.  He is so into Legos and that is ALL he wanted for his birthday this year.  Well, actually he wanted money so that he could go and buy all of the legos he wanted.  We took him out last Saturday before his birthday to Toys 'R Us and let him spend his money.  We had plans to have him a little birthday party at Grandma's house on Tuesday night, but those plans changed.  My grandpap went to be with the Lord on Sunday and we made an unexpected trip up to WV for his funeral.  The viewing was one day and then the next was the funeral which happened to land on Connor's 6th birthday.  So even though the day was peppered with was Connor's birthday too and we'll always remember that.  So we pushed Connor's little party to the Saturday after his birthday.  I wish I had taken a picture, but we made "THE BEST" Chicken Quesadilla's with all of the fixin's with it.  Yum!  I made him a white cake with vanilla frosting...all allergy-free.  It turned out really good.  It's my typical "go to" birthday cake recipe.

Here are some fun pics from Connor's party this weekend~!


I love that smile!!

Yummy Cake~!


And more Legos!!

He was a happy boy~!

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Ashley said...

Happy Birthday... and so sorry to hear about your loss.