Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ten On Tuesday #14 (TV Shows)

My Top Ten Television Shows Of The Past

Battlestar Galactica 
My husband got me into this show...turns out I loved it!

My husband and I would sit and watch up to four of these in a row at night when our kids went to bed...it was that good!  

Buffy The Vampire Slayer
This was definitely one of those shows that I was skeptical about, but ended up loving.  I could go back and watch every episode again.  Love me some Angel. lol~

Speaking of Angel....I was so excited when they created the spin off of Buffy with the character Angel!  Enter...my love of David Boreanaz. :)

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
Evan bought me this whole series one year for Christmas.  I had watched some of them when they came on TV in the 90's, and I really liked it.  So I was glad that when watching it again...it stood up to what I remember about it~!

Gilmore Girls
This is just one of those girly shows that I watched from the very beginning and pretty much loved every single episode!!

The O.C.
Just another one of my favs.!

Ugly Betty
Who doesn't like Ugly Betty??  I love America Ferrera in this role.  She does an excellent job of making you love her!

I am sad this show is no longer....it was such a good series!  One that Evan and I couldn't wait to watch the night it came on!  So many questions....but one this is for sure...they did a good job of wrapping the show up without leaving too many things unanswered!  I could definitely go back and watch this again....if there would just stop being so many good shows on right now! lol~

I just had to throw this one in there.  It wasn't the greatest show ever, but I really enjoyed watching it.  It was "my" show that Evan didn't go near, but that's ok....I understand, Babe! :)

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Nancy said...

I loved The OC! I was so sad that it ended so shortly. And LOST too! Even though it confused me towards the last two seasons.

Jenilee said...

I LOVED Dr. Quinn! did you ever see young riders? loved that one too :)

saturated canary said...

hello friend!:)...love your outfit posts-- especially those bright blue jeans! what a great trend this year-- colored jeans!!:)

and i'm a huge BSG fan, too!! hubs and i went through the series together...but sometimes he'd fall asleep and i'd sneak into another room and jump ahead like 3 episodes:/...i just couldn't resist. so sad there weren't more. i even loved the cylons:P.

thanks for visiting my blog...new follower, too!:) xo