Thursday, December 15, 2011

~Accessorize Me Swap~

I am happy to tell you that my package from the Accessorize Me Swap hosted by Lena over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby finally CAME!!  I was paired up with Jill from Jill's World..a gal from Canada who seems to enjoy a little bit of everything.  She mailed her package out to me about 5 days before I mailed mine to her.  Now, I'm sure it takes a bit of time for something to travel from Canada to South Carolina and visa-versa, but when she got my package before I received hers....we started to worry that it may have gotten lost!  Well, yesterday I got the bright idea of just "checking" the front door...{which we NEVER use}, and there in between the screen door and our front door sat the cute little box!  I really don't know how long it sat there...could have been a week or a few days!  But anyhow....I got it!!  And I'm so happy!  Jill sent me some super cute pieces.  Here is what the little package looked like when I opened it.  Well, each item was wrapped in tissue paper my 6 year old, Connor, helped me open each thing.  He was amazed at ALL of the stuff.  He said "Awww...."at each and every thing!

These were some handmade items she sent.  (I'm guessing this is the necklace she wrote about making?  Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

Another closer look at a few more things.  Isn't this stuff awesome??  I especially LOVE the earrings and brown bracelet!  I could have worn the bracelet on Sunday with my WIW dress if I'd have checked the front door sooner...I'm sure!

This was really fun...I'm glad that I was paired up with Jill.  If you get a chance go check out her blog!!
I couldn't find a button to I hope you don't mind that I snagged your picture from your blog profile, Jill!!

Linking this post up to Lena's Blog...follow the link to check out all of the other blog swappers and what they received!!  

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Jill said...

So glad you liked it Lisa! To be honest, the bracelet & earrings were my favourite pieces too! :)

And yes, that is the necklace I made - as I said, pretty amateur, but I'm still learning! haha!

I think it's so cute that Connor helped you open it and that he liked it too :)

And I don't have a button (I have no idea how to make one, lol) - but it's absolutely okay to use that pic. Once again, so thrilled that you liked it, and I hope to get my blog post up first of next week to show off all the fabulous goodies you sent me!! You were a great partner, so glad Lena paired us up!! :)