Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A WIW (#33) Post and The Best Husband Award

My husband and I had THE BEST Saturday this past weekend.  We got to spend the whole day together while my mom watched our boys.  We really needed the time spent alone-together (ha)!  We did a little shopping, and a little more shopping...sometimes just looking, but it was so fun!  We stuffed ourselves at Rafferty's...I had the nachos and Evan had the salmon w/ sweet potato rice pilaf.  We may or may not have had a slice of cheesecake with strawberry topping from Chick-Fil-A for dessert! Shhh..... :)  It was our "late" Valentine's Day date...so why not live a little, right??  We were a little sad when the night came to an end.  We got a great report that the boys had been "so awesomely good" (Exact words...) from Grandma!  Which really makes you feel good and not guilty for going out and having a great time...alone-together, sans kiddos, whatever you want to call it.  

So, do you like my shirt??  It's new...obviously! lol
Here it is...WIW:
{Shoes: Chuck's from Target, Jeans: Old Navy, Shirt: Arizona from JCPenny, Earrings: The Flop Shop}

Oh Yeah, my little black ring was a gift from Evan a few years ago at Christmas...not sure where he got it from, though.  You probably can't see it very well either, but I'm wearing some new nail polish too.  The Kardashian colors from Nicole by o.p.i...my new favorite brand of polish!  I was wearing {Show You Care}..which actually wasn't a Kardashian color, but it was still by Nicole...anyways~ :)

So THE BEST HUSBAND award goes to:
My sweet heart and soul-mate
~Because he is so awesomely amazing, and I love him more today than I did 11 years ago when we got married.  We have been through so much together, and our love has grown stronger over the years.  I thank God for my wonderful husband! <3

I loved you {yesterday}
I love you {Still}
I always {have
and I always {will}...

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Evan said...

I'm not sure what I did to deserve that, but I'll take it. Thanks for being the most beautiful and wonderful woman in the world.

And just so you know, the ring came from the fine Walmart jewelry department. :)

Ashley said...

Aww... what a sweet post and an even sweeter comment above! :)

ooh, and I love your jeans too.

~mom~ said...

Awe...I loved it too! Loved your post because I know exactly how you felt having the day together with your husband - much needed! I am so glad you enjoy yourselves so much. Love the outfit...you are looking so "skinny!" Evan's comment on the ring was too funny! I love you two!

g*rated said...

i {heart} that shirt! you look fabulous!

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!!and i am in love with your top! loving the color!


Katie said...

i love your new shirt!! and thank God for an amazing husband! (and what a sweet comment he left you!) LOVE reading and hearing about happy marriages! :)