Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Vacation: Myrtle Beach

This was the first year that we took our kids to the beach for a short vacation.  We chose Myrtle Beach, and I had never been in the Summer here either.  Evan and I went to Myrtle Beach one time in Dec. for our we walked on the beach, but it was too cold to enjoy the full benefit of it!  One of my favorite beaches is Tybee Island near Savannah, GA.  Myrtle Beach didn't disappoint, though!  We stayed in The Palace Resort for a very reasonable price...for 2 nights.  The boys loved the ocean...and I mean LOVED it!  They played in the water way more than they did on the shore in the sand!~

Connor enjoyed finding seashells and doing some digging!

One of Ethan's favorite things was digging for those little bitty clams that bury themselves back in the sand if you dig them out and lay them on top.  Very fascinating!!  

This picture cracks me up....Mr. Beach Boy...relaxing and sunning himself! lol~

Our hotel ~ The Palace ~ is directly behind Evan and the's the 3rd window and patio above Evan's head....5th floor.

We all enjoyed the pool too....

A pretty view of the sunrise from our patio deck.

An early morning picture...going seashell hunting!

I love this picture of Connor writing his name in the sand~!

We ate at this restaurant that Evan found on called Mr. Fish.  It was really good.  I had chicken tacos because I'm not a big fan of seafood, but they were amazing.  I could eat some right now!!

Evan had Flounder and Crab balls with She-Crab soup.  He said it was really good, too!

More fun at the beach!

I was helping Connor build a little pond...~

My tall, skinny goggle wearing boy..... :) 

Our sleeping arrangements!  The boys slept so well....the beach really wore them out!  

Connor took a pretty good picture of me and Evan~! <3

Our last morning on the beach.  It was hard keeping Connor out of the water since we were going to hit the road after our last trip down to the sand and ocean to say goodbye! :)

I hope we can make a trip to the beach next Summer....maybe we will have extended family along to make the experience that much better! :)

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Lisa I loved looking at all the pictures of your beach vacation We would love too get a house at the beach for a week for all of us so we could enjoy it together. Maybe that will be possible next summer. love you all and can't wait for you all to get here.