Monday, October 29, 2012

Two Paleo/Primal Recipes I loved...

I have been checking out all of my Paleo pins on my Pinterest board and wanted to make some yummy food!  Both of these recipes have to do with Pizza, but they are very different!  Both Evan and I loved the Primal Pepperoni Pizza Casserole!  I think it turned out very well for my first time.  You make it using spaghetti squash...which I have never cooked with before.  It was very interesting...I didn't know what to expect, but I will definitely be making this recipe again!!  I made slight changes to the original of them was because I was forgetful while I was shopping for groceries.  So I was a bit bummed that I didn't buy the bag of frozen peppers and onions, but that's ok....because this casserole still turned out terrific.  I also left off the cheese because I don't do dairy.

If you want the recipe for this have to visit the original post which can be found ((HERE))!

I also made Pizza Stuffed Sweet Potatoes recently.  I really liked them.  Evan was a little iffy about them.  I think next time...I will take the sweet potato out of the skin and then spread the surface area out a bit so that you can load more toppings on it.  It was good, though!  This pic was taken with my tablet using It's not the best, but it will do.  To see the recipe for Pizza Stuffed Sweet Potatoes...go ((HERE))!

I have a few more recipes in the works...tacos and a breakfast pumpkin hot "cereal"!  I'll share them with you soon! :)

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Anonymous said...

Yum! I keep seeing recipes with spaghetti squash in them, but I've never cooked with it before. I think I need to give it a shot!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the sweet comment!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Yum!!! :)