Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winterizing the Summer Clothes...WIW

I am having a hard time when it comes to dress clothes!  I don't have many that fit anymore...and it's hard to find ones that suit me or that I even like.  So while I have gotten rid of many, many way too big collection has depleted...a lot! :(  I have no trouble finding jeans and shirts...but I need some dresses and skirts!  In the mean time, I am dressing up and winterizing my summer dresses.  My mom bought this dress for me a couple of months ago...and it's a super cute summer dress that I didn't think I would be able to wear again until next summer.  So on Sunday morning when I was hurriedly trying to get ready and out the door for church...I just kind of threw this outfit together....but I LOVE it!  I can't lie, though, my legs were a little cold~. :)

{Dress: Ross, Cardi: Old Navy, Boots: Sears, Leg Warmers: Target, Clutch: TJMaxx} 

Do you like to winterize your summer clothes?? :)

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Katie said...

Lisa I LOVE this outfit! you look adorable!!!

CC said...

Love this outfit!
And yes, I absolutely wear my summer clothes all year! I love adding layers and tights to my favorite summer dresses. ;)

Sweat Is My Sanity said...

I'm loving that outfit. You look so cute and yes, to winterizing summer clothes. I live in Arizona so it's not often we need winter clothes and when we do it gets hot quick so layering is key!!

krishna yadav said...

In Indian summer is started.Indian traditional clothes are very famous in all our the world. everyone want to wear that because it's more comfotable to all.

girls dresses said...

Impressive! Even though the temperature has dropped significantly, you don’t have to let your favorite sundress collect dust in the back of your closet! A little strategic layering will take a sleeveless dress from summer sands to snowy sidewalks.